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Beverly Lewis: Home

It gives me great pleasure to present to you my CD/Album "All Shades of Blues".  It features a taste of all different kinds of blues from various writers such as, Denise LaSalle, Joe Zawinul, Miles Davis to Peter Chatman.  I like to Swing dance and for you Swing and Blues dancers, I think you will have fun dancing to this CD/Album.  This release also comes in Vinyl LP.

A portion of the proceeds from this CD/Album will go to support research on Heart Disease in Women.  For more info on this subject, please check out my "links".

I hope that you enjoy the music.  Thanks for dropping by.

UPDATE:  Check this out!  Please go to my music and listen to my latest release, "My Man Loves Me," which is one of my original tunes.  It has a New Orleans flavor.


Beverly Lewis & The MiXX song list for local performances is under the NEWS section.